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3-Point Date Lifestyles fundamentally believes that matching action and intention with your words fosters a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with those you care about in your life. This exclusive community of 3-Point Date Lifestylers exemplifies this philosophy through conscious dating by building each date experience around three different activities, locations, or movements (similar to the acts in a play). These kinds of experiences create the unique memories which bridge our lives over time, no matter where your life takes you, these conscious, intention-based, and active memories of dates, caused by stepping out of the hum-drum of day to day life, will help you keep your relationship strong.
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What It Is


We recognize you are busy, you live in a great city, and you do not get to really enjoy the relationships and opportunities here the way you would like to day to day, week to week. So I wanted to help you live a better life by helping you date better, and have better relationships.

LeapLiving designs 5 dates a month, and within each date includes 3 destinations, activities, events, etc. maybe you do not get to all three, maybe you do. Yet why we do this, and what we hope most for you, is you will engage your relationships (friends, family, & romantic) in a more conscious, active, and memorable way, while engaging all that Chicago has to offer across it's different communities. Relationships are precious, and dating is fun, and together they make for a life time of memories built from the experiences of how you spend time together.
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How It Works


You'll enroll in a subscription plan which is either monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or one year. Upon enrolling you'll immediately receive 5 3-Point Dates to get your new lifestyle started.
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A simplified version of a 3-Point Date looks like this: 3-Point Date Example. When you go to view the 3-Point Date in full, it will include a brief suggestion of what you could do on that 3-pd, what to expect, images of each point, and a google walking map distance from point to point.

Then on the 15th of each month, you'll receive an email from LeapLiving with 5 new 3-Point Dates, plus any promotions, members only perks, etc. While you are living this exclusive 3-Point Date lifestyle, your membership also grants you access to our exclusive members only side go the website (and future app) where you will find all the dates (along with community reviews, photos, comments, ratings, etc). We encourage you to review dates, upload photos, share to your social media, and let other's know about how you are more consciously engaging the relationships that matter most in your life.

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Feel confident about the value of the Chicago community by first previewing a sample of the 3-Point Date packages. As a valuable member, you will receive two emails per month, each with five 3-Point Date ideas. You will also have access to view current and past 3-Point Dates online.

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LeapLiving offers multiple 3-Point Date Lifestyles membership options including a yearly membership at a discounted rate. Choose the membership that works best for your needs.
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